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One very important aspect about any sport, not just basketball is continual growth and development. When you are not growing you are doing the opposite... Dying! Successful basketball players and those who aren't achieving their dreams are different.

And most of the time it has nothing to do with ability or talent. Ask yourself a simple question? Do you think there is some baller out there that is way better then some guys in the league, but he is stuck somewhere working at a food restaurant or something? I know of at least a dozen of them!

But why is this so? Did they make a bad decision Mikhail Sergachev Jersey , made a wrong move, or didn't play their cards right? All of these could be true, but from what I have found, these are not the main causes. The main cause of basketball failure is a lack of growth! What kind of growth? Personal growth.

As I stated earlier Nikita Kucherov Jersey , if you are not growing, you are doing the opposite of growing. You see successful, dominate ballers have formed habits of doing things they do not like doing.

Let's read that again. You see successful, dominate ballers have formed habits of doing things they do not like doing.

Everyone has the bad habit of being lazy Steven Stamkos Jersey , even successful basketball players. But successful ballers have formed the habit of doing the things that will benefit them even when they are feeling lazy. Successful ballers focus solely on results, and unsuccessful ballers focus solely on the process of those results.

Here is an example: A baller who has formed the habit of doing things even when they do not want to, and focuses just on the results will go wake up at 6 in the morning and work on their game with the intention of playing pro basketball. The result (playing pro basketball) is the fuel and drive they use to achieve their dreams or goal.

A unsuccessful basketball player will not get up at 6 in the mourning and will look at the process of becoming a pro baller, (competition Tampa Bay Lightning T-Shirts , chances, odds, how, obstacles Tampa Bay Lightning Hoodie , lack of resources, commitment etc...). And hence they will never get tot their goal, because their goal seems to be a hill they can not climb, it's too hard Customized Adidas Lightning Jerseys , too many things to do. They actually prevent them selves from achieving their goal!

Here is something that you can do right now and for the rest of your life to ensure basketball growth. Everyday when you wake up, or even the night before, take out apiece of paper and write down one thing that you do not want to do, but if you did would move your life Cheap Tampa Bay Lightning Jerseys , and development forward. Then write down the benefits of completing that task .