n the world, there is a kind of white squeaking that is getting shorter and shorter; there is a kind of weather called chilling and warming; there is a kind of scent called "Ning can branch and hold the incense, never blown into the north wind"; there is a kind of heart screaming "clear sky, cranes, clouds, It leads to poetry to the tourmaline." There is a season of "seeing Yan Nanfei again", the glory of the summer must be passed, autumn, don't come innocent. The autumn I perceive is different in years: a leaf, a geese. This year, the first side of the autumn with me is a cold wind that leaves no room for it, but it��s still awkward. Exciting, the autumn of life is straightforward to the mind - you are still coming, autumn. Sometimes I will think: Autumn, you are... what kind of season, I guess you are like a spring, it is extremely short-lived, as long as you are not careful, you will be mistaken for "summer late" or "Winter is coming early". But I know that you are the autumn, no matter what, you are the one that I know well in the autumn after the hustle and bustle of the summer, autumn, you pay homage to it, pay homage to this grand life and finally pull the curtain after the bloom . So, I think... Autumn, you are also a sentimental one. However, what followed was the flower that was decaying; the dead leaves that had withered; the geese who had to "get out of their homes", they rushed to cry at my window and closed my eyes and shook their heads: Autumn, you were so so worried and cold-blooded The season is "red is not a ruthless thing, turned into a spring mud to protect the flowers." Gong Zizhen at this time but through the "Hai Hai miscellaneous poems" to me slowly. I don't listen, after all, it is also "the wind is blowing Marlboro Cigarettes, the people are thinner than the yellow flowers." Some people don��t like autumn, but some people are so looking forward to the autumn--Meng Haoran��s ��waiting for the Chongyang Day Newport Cigarettes Coupons, and coming to the chrysanthemum��; ��Jiangnan Feng Ligui Year�� is ��the good scenery in Jiangnan, and the flowering season "Fang Jun" deeply touched me, so I have to re-examine the autumn. Falling red soil is actually for better protection of flowers; this year's departure is for a better reunion next year. Leaving is to reunite - whether it is autumn or winter, always for the new spring and summer. Autumn, although you are the grave of the midsummer, you are behind a cold world, although you can't see any hope in you, but you are not disappointed. Your confusion, your sorrow Parliament Cigarettes, your lonely endure, your silent departure... You never thought about revenge us, and it is winter to retaliate against us. So people put all these nicknames into you, but you only quietly support the new chrysanthemum, and all your gaze is ignored. If you are like this, then I can't do it. In the autumn, you are a lonely, tolerant, and cold-looking spectator, a sentimental Lord. My favorite autumn is supposed to be the kind of artistic conception. One can't say it... It's "fallen" toward the sun, sorrowful and chic, but lonely but not sorrowful. At the end, it is only "the old tree of the old vine", but it is finished. It��s another beautiful piece of gorgeous ��Silver Pack is a season, this season. Your beauty, your ugliness, your world is thousands of years; your maple red, your returning geese, your awkwardness Your loneliness, your loneliness, your sorrow and newness; your bathfire, your expectations, your desperate nirvana rebirth - you are autumn, irreplaceable autumn; you are autumn, cold and still Warm autumn; you are autumn; you are not just autumn, you are the same root of our 40 million people.
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