Revealed and unveiled, Boluo was unveiled, Boluo was unveiled, and Bodhisattva was despised. - The inventor's life is not lacking in the life, because our life is not lacking in the other side. The ferry is always a kind of unspeakable, faith, existence - he may be a difficult brother who does not separate from each other; or he may just be a stranger to "when you meet each other"; sometimes, he will It is you. In any case, in short, we need them, our lives, we need to be a ferry. The story originated from a taxi that was heading to the bookstore. The taxi driver is very enthusiastic, but the rider is a non-speaking master. "Are you a student?" The driver's master sitting in the driver's seat asked for the red light. "Yeah." I just nodded. "It��s hard work now." His tone is not like a question. "Yes, I will take the exam next year." I replied. "Then you have to study hard. When you grow up, don't run the rent like me. It's good to go to the bookstore and read it. Read more. When you grow up, you have to eat." The driver said it was very sincere and candid. "That's a good test next year, you must get the key points!" I saw only his early Huafa from the rearview mirror of the car, and I couldn't guess what his expression was at the moment Marlboro Gold. However, I feel very warm in our hearts. It should have been ignorant. Originally, it was just a short way from my home to the bookstore. This moment, it made me feel like he took me from the warm harbor to the ocean of knowledge. In fact, this is a very wonderful feeling - with him and I in the car only tied to his one-day tight-fitting life, so, in the modern, frequent traffic accidents, trust a A stranger who has never met before; and the ferry is then entrusted with all his credibility to report to me. In this way, I will safely cross the other side of my life. Not far from the bookstore, I asked the driver master as usual: "How much?" His answer is that, besides another driver, the price is five yuan, which makes me unexpected again: "You look at it Marlboro Red." Well, I can't hang you, no." I was a glimpse first, then a smile: "Two pieces..." He snorted and smiled like a child: "Well, can't you have three?" "I: "Hey..." In the end, he still only received me two yuan. In fact, the driver master did not know how many passengers like me to carry, and I didn��t know how to meet in my life. How many drivers like him, we are just ordinary people in each other's life can not be ordinary passengers, our initial encounter, it is always difficult to escape but not to benefit - I am not necessary in my life Lazy, a little money, in exchange for his necessary livelihood. But I still choose to believe that this driver master, in my life, I am afraid that it will not be forgotten for a long time, maybe this memorable is not a memory of a lifetime, or his words will only be buried in my memory. At a place that will not be remembered again over time. But what he has brought me to stay in my heart for a long time, but it will be that he has passed me in my life, and it is best to prove it. In our lifetime, we will actually encounter many "crossers", you, me, him, us. Even in the end, we will all work together and go through the last shore �C perhaps not knowing each other, maybe we know each other. Maybe you don't know each other, maybe you know each other. "Go ahead Cheap Cigarettes, go to the other side, go all the way to the other side, the other side is a bright world (attached - not the essay of the postscript, sometimes I will think, whether we are on the other side, the reason is not, we It��s not the other side. It��s not. Generally, we don��t just go to the other side for the sake of reason, but because we only have to reach the other side, we will have the reason to reach the next one, just like what we really care about. It��s not the hope that ignites, but the need to do something with the faint light of hope, in the dark, to do something
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