Hiking is an adventurous experience with beautiful scenic views. There are thousands of places to hike all around the world today. The place one chooses depends on the level of hiking experience.

Some hikers or trekkers are more experienced and athletic than others. Thus Dallas Mavericks Throwback Jersey , they may choose more challenging locations in the world. A challenging yet thrilling trek is a trek to Everest base camp.

A trek to base camp Everest is available through many companies. Firms in Nepal offer the best guides for treks to Everest base camp. These guides are trained in various elements necessary for hiking.

Nepal guides are skilled in the weather conditions near Everest. This is very important prior to a trek to Everest base camp. Guides must be able to determine the weather as it changes quickly.

Weather in Nepal can change very quickly within an hour or so. There are signs that can be seen when on a trek to base camp Everest. Guides are taught to notice these so they can make trekking decisions.

These decisions are used to have safe treks to Everest base camp. At times it does mean a trek to Everest base camp must changed. However, the safety of those on a trek to base camp Everest is first.

The Nepal guides are also trained in first aid for the safety of all. They know how to determine if one is suffering from altitude sickness. This is very common for people on treks to Everest base camp in Nepal.

Altitude sickness affects people differently and at various times. Some people may have made a trek to Everest base camp with no issues. On a subsequent trek to base camp Everest they may get altitude sick.

This is why it is important to have guides recognize this condition. It is vital a person is treated immediately for optimal results. Nepal guides are very careful on treks to Everest base camp.

Nepal guides have several treks to Everest base camp to choose from. A trek to base camp Everest is based on the intensity of the trek. Easy, moderate, and difficult treks to Everest base camp are possible.

It is best to allow Nepal guides to help determine the route to climb. They choose a trek to Everest base camp based on climbing experience. Many other factors are involved which is why they should help choose.

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