Feng Shui Fish Meaning Decorative Wall Art Ideas. Gehl Haris
Submitted 2013-05-13 21:02:18 Feng Shui Fish Meaning:

Feng Shui Fish are used to get positive outcomes to the inhabitants in the space and in particular matters of business. Fish Authentic Paris Saint-Germain Jersey , pronounced "yu" in Chinese, includes success. According to feng shui principles, developing a feng shui fish greatly helps with achievement of goals.

Feng Shui Fish will bring a harmonious combination of several wealth attracting Feng Shui factors. The Feng Shui Fish combines the powerful symbols of animal and water, and is a very potent Feng Shui cure for the house or work environment. The water element brings success and wealth particularly for career or business. The Feng Shui Fish itself brings harmony and balance.

The number of Feng Shui Fish is also significant:

Two Feng Shui Fish represent harmony and is also beneficial for relationships and romance.

Three Feng Shui Fish would maximize the "yang" or malecreative energy with the space.

Nine Feng Shui Fish will supercharge the Chi energy.

Feng Shui Fish Colors and elements:

Fire - Passion and High Energy.The element Fire can be a high energy element and supports recognition in career. The colors supporting this element are: RedOrangePurplePinkStrong Yellow

Earth - Nourishment and Stability. Earth spreads harmony and brings stability, nourishment and protection in all your relationships. The Feng Shui colors for earth are: Light YellowBeige

Metal - Clarity and Precision. Metal allows you live with clarity and lightness. The colors supporting this element are: GrayWhite

Water - symbolizes abundance which is therefore, a potent Feng Shui element. It brings refreshing energy Authentic Manchester United Jersey , calmness, and freshness. Feng Shui colors for Water element are: BlueBlack

Wood -Brings energy of health, vitality and growth. Feng Shui Wood colors are: BrownGreen

Feng Shui Fish Placement:

Feng Shui Fish Paintings can be placed in any location but is normally not found in the Feng Shui bedroom. Water elements usually are not appropriate for the bedroom. Any other location is ok for a water element.

Feng Shui Fish Benefits:

Feng Shui Fish is utilized to bring in harmony, peace and prosperity into us. Water is a basic and very useful feng shui element, along with the feng Shui Fish and water combination can produce a number of successful outcomes. A fish symbolizes prosperity in numerous life areas. This combination of the elements is extremely harmonious and earns wealth, beauty and well-being within the life. Importance of Feng Shui Fish Paintings in Feng Shui can't be denied. It is one of the most important cures in this traditional Chinese system of aesthetics. If used and placed properly Feng Shui Fish Painting can attract lot of positive energy in home based and workplace. Author Resource:- More Articles about bagua feng shui:
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