Some people are simply not good at dealing with money Chuma Edoga Jersey , whether they have millions to burn or very little to spend, they are simply just bad at dealing with money, spending as much as humanly possible. When you become an elite American Football star, making the heights of the NFL fame and fortune comes with it, as well as the celebrity status that can certainly change a person, as it has done on many occasions.Some NFL stars earn millions upon millions Trevon Wesco Jersey , not just from playing but their sponsorship deals as well, which they then decide to throw away on ridiculous things, as they slowly lose their fortunes by spending way too much. However, on the flip side, there are some NFL stars who are so frugal that they won't spend their fortunes, counting their pennies and clipping coupons to save as much money as possible Shareef Miller Jersey , not enjoying any of the riches that they have earned through their hard work.This article will look into those NFL stars who struggle with their fortune and spend way too much, while also delving into those NFL stars who are clipping coupons and spending as little as they possibly can. and that will again be the case in 2019. A pair of teams that are in the middle of tanks — excuse us, “rebuilds” — in the fall of 2018 are likely to change quarterbacks for different reasons. Elsewhere around the NFL, handfuls of running backs and wide receivers are set to hit the open market once the league’s new calendar year officially opens. Obviously, not all of them will be able to sign with their current employers. In some cases Zach Brown Jersey , those players will want to go out on their own and seek contracts with teams that have available salary cap space and needs at those positions. Unlike in 2018 when it was known that a handful of organizations would be looking for potential future franchise QBs, it’s possible that only a couple of teams will, realistically, see their starting QBs leave their teams in 2019, either by choice or by force. The teams that do change QBs may not necessarily look for rookies to start next September, especially since a couple of proven commodities will hit the market and look to get paid by QB-hungry franchises. Of the QBs Devin Bush Jersey , RBs and WRs likely to move to different teams in 2019, which will make the biggest impacts around the league up through February 2020?