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    BANGKOK, March 24 (Xinhua) -- A man was busted for hiding more than 800,000 meth pills and six kilograms of heroin in his house area in northern Thailand's Lopburi Province, local media Friday reported.

    The garland seller, 38, was arrested on Thursday after 852,000 methamphetamine pills, six kilograms of heroin and nine guns were found hidden in an iced container in the banana orchard behind his house, according to Khao Sod.

    The drugs were reportedly worth about 57,000 dollars.

    Police from the Narcotic Suppression Bureau said they have staked out around the area for four days. They believed that the drugs were to be delivered from northern Thailand to the country's central plains.

    Local media said the man admitted that he was hired to store the drugs for another person, but declined to reveal the drug owner's name.

    Lopburi Province is about 150 kilometers northeast of Bangkok. The province has many times been brought to media exposure as a transfer station of drug delivery from northern Thailand to the south.

    Thailand has been marred with drug smuggling, as it borders countries like Myanmar, Cambodia and Malaysia, where narcotics are produced and trafficked.

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