Fu Gui, this once-in-a-lifetime rich family, has ruined the happiness of himself and his family because of his unscrupulous hustle and bustle when he was young. He finally realized in poverty, maybe it was not too late. The shadow of the doom has been following his footsteps, brutally taking away the life of every person who has a relationship with him, and has no sympathy. His parents died in the family after the defeat, the pain has not been calmed down, and his wife who shared the same pains with him also left him. In the end, even his only grandson did not escape the clutches of the god of death, leaving him alone to live alone.Gui personally buried six people who were close relatives. I don't know if fate is special to him or another punishment, he survived. After suffering so many unimaginable sufferings, he learned to endure and endure the weight of life. He is simply living to live.emember that there is a saying: Life is the field of life Online Cigarettes, and every suffering that is planted will grow into a hope. They are our hands. No matter what you are carrying Marlboro Gold, no matter what is on your neck, no matter what is on your shoulders.ike a ship that is bumping in the sea, it will always be like the ups and downs of the waves Marlboro Cigarettes, and the writers who are on the road to writing will undoubtedly be impossible to be stable. Yu Hua is no exception. If you analyze it carefully, you will find that Yu Hua's literary creation has entered a very delicate period before and after 1995 Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, that is, in the early stage of the creation of "Live".rst of all, we have crossed our guesses and assumptions about the process and the reasons How Much Is A Carton Of Newports, and we have turned our attention directly to 1997. We will find that Yu Hua��s decision in that year was a bad news for the Chinese pioneer literary world: to abandon the pioneer test. Then we will go back to the back. At this time, it will be discovered that it was actually doomed in 1995. This year, two other famous young writers Su Tong, Mo Yan also made a similar decision. Yu Hua��s farewell to the vanguard novel��s declaration is: ��I am now a writer who pays attention to reality�� and this is precisely after his ��Live��, another novel ��Xu Sanguan Selling Blood�� was soon. So let's take a look at this latter work that the author claims to be "following reality." In fact, it is quite a change from Yu Hua's early works. Or, we will be surprised to find that this article and Yu Hua��s early "Cry in the Rain" are exactly the same.n we turn our attention back to 1995, and we will find that Yu Hua��s only work that combines the characteristics of realist literature and avant-garde novels is the sensational ��Live��. In this way, "Living" should be a transition of Yu Hua's creation.this perspective, "Live" is a way for the author to seek out when he pioneers the pioneering text innovation. However, the author himself may not agree with this view. From the perspective of the work itself, especially in the first half of the work, it can be seen that "Living" is not a work that begins to be created after the concept is fully mature. Yu Hua may write a beginning like a child's hand-painted graffiti.